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It’s so nice outside today but there’s nothing to do out there at all. Looks like I’m stuck in here for another day. I’ve spent way too much on gaming lately, I need to get back to paying off bills. I’m not going to buy any new games for now except for the ones I’ve had preordered. I’m looking forward to PS4 in November and that’s it. I ended up watching all of Game of Thrones, such an amazing show. How did I never hear of it until this year?



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Well I’ve been making some progress on my bills while I’ve been working at a grocery store since I can’t find a career. I paid off a $600 credit card, $5500 card and $2k on another with $6000 remaining on it. It’s taking a really long time to do since I can only do this grunt work 25 hours a week with my crohns disease. I’ve been spending a lot of my free time just gaming, there isn’t much more to do in Ohio. Animal Crossing comes out in two weeks, it looks like its time to finally buy a 3ds. I think I’m going to get Harvest Moon on it too since I loved the old snes Harvest Moon. I need to get my gaming spending under control after this and just play games I already own more often.

I’ve never seen Game of Thrones but this gif I saw today really got my interested in it.


Cold photo.

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Just a random photo I took while I was messing around, I like it.

The start of a new life.

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Well I did it, I quit wow. It’s been about a week and 2 days at least since I last logged onto the World of Warcraft. I let my account time expire this time without buying another month of play time and it feels good, I also got an online friend to quit playing World of Warcraft too since he’s a lot younger than me and I could see how it was already ruining his life. The days feel so much longer now that I’m not living on my computer, its nice to log onto my desktop or laptop, check the news, email, facebook and tumblr then log off for a few hours or so. I haven’t found a job so my days are pretty much all free time so I’ve been spending it piano practice, some xbox 360 gaming but not much, exercising, grooming our many dogs, cleaning and just basic house work. Oh, I’ve also been getting back into Photography. It feels nice not having to worry about stupid crap in a make believe world and not logging on soon after I wake up every day until bed time.

Nothing new yet.

•January 28, 2011 • 2 Comments

Well after my first post I made the mistake of telling my online Warcraft friends that I was quitting the game, that was a huge mistake. If you tell people on the game that you’re quiting they’ll keep finding ways to get you to log on and waste days on the game instead of getting anything useful done in the real world. So today I realized what was happening, that I was getting pulled back into the stupid online world and logged off around noon and haven’t been back on since. I’ve just spent the day walking my dogs, cleaning, playing piano, etc.

I need to work on my resume this weekend. I already have one but I haven’t found a job still so I think I’ll redo the resume and cover letter. Monster and Career Builder seem so useless, I’ve been using them both for a year now with not a single interview since I finished college. I have no professional experience since I just got my BS which makes getting an entry level job in today’s world a lot harder but it should have happened by now. I just want a job so bad to help me get my life on track, catch up on debts my parents have in my name and eventually have enough saved to move back to Queens, New York and find a career there.


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Well I’ve been looking for a site to blog on for awhile now and I finally decided on wordpress, I’m hoping I made the right choice. I’m going to explore all the options and the site for a little while and hopefully I’ll make my first real blog later tonight or tomorrow.