Nothing new yet.

Well after my first post I made the mistake of telling my online Warcraft friends that I was quitting the game, that was a huge mistake. If you tell people on the game that you’re quiting they’ll keep finding ways to get you to log on and waste days on the game instead of getting anything useful done in the real world. So today I realized what was happening, that I was getting pulled back into the stupid online world and logged off around noon and haven’t been back on since. I’ve just spent the day walking my dogs, cleaning, playing piano, etc.

I need to work on my resume this weekend. I already have one but I haven’t found a job still so I think I’ll redo the resume and cover letter. Monster and Career Builder seem so useless, I’ve been using them both for a year now with not a single interview since I finished college. I have no professional experience since I just got my BS which makes getting an entry level job in today’s world a lot harder but it should have happened by now. I just want a job so bad to help me get my life on track, catch up on debts my parents have in my name and eventually have enough saved to move back to Queens, New York and find a career there.


~ by Matt on January 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Nothing new yet.”

  1. Hey Matt (and I’m only assuming you are Matt)
    Besides Monster and career builder there’s a site called that might be another source of finding a job. Just thought I’d pass it along, I KNOW how hard it is to find work and I wish a lot with that goal.

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