The start of a new life.

Well I did it, I quit wow. It’s been about a week and 2 days at least since I last logged onto the World of Warcraft. I let my account time expire this time without buying another month of play time and it feels good, I also got an online friend to quit playing World of Warcraft too since he’s a lot younger than me and I could see how it was already ruining his life. The days feel so much longer now that I’m not living on my computer, its nice to log onto my desktop or laptop, check the news, email, facebook and tumblr then log off for a few hours or so. I haven’t found a job so my days are pretty much all free time so I’ve been spending it piano practice, some xbox 360 gaming but not much, exercising, grooming our many dogs, cleaning and just basic house work. Oh, I’ve also been getting back into Photography. It feels nice not having to worry about stupid crap in a make believe world and not logging on soon after I wake up every day until bed time.


~ by Matt on February 14, 2011.

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